Choosing To Ride The Living Fearlessly Rollercoaster

December 24, 2017

We always have a choice in life. Even when it looks like we don’t.

Living fearlessly is a choice even when it doesn’t look like one.

We have multiple choices available to us but sometimes we can’t or don’t want to see beyond our own limited, rigid thinking.

Choosing to live fearlessly doesn’t mean we always feel empowered and in control. I wish it did! Often it feels as though we’re at the mercy of a rollercoaster ride.

It can hurt like hell and feel as though we’re being tossed about on waves of emotion and won’t survive.

One minute we’re high on life and the next we’re racing towards the ground.

At this very point in life, unlike on a rollercoaster, is when it serves us to loosen our grip and allow the life force to guide us.
Conversely we must not be afraid to move fast when the road opens up before us or we risk missing one hell of a ride.

It’s simple but not necessarily easy. Not doing is a choice just as doing is a choice.

Whether we are best to do or not do, depends entirely on our unique situation. When our busy mind quietens for a moment and we listen closely to our own intuition, we always know.

When we hide away from or ignore our intuition there’s a price to pay. We may not pay it immediately but we always pay it.

Sometimes not doing feels like the easier option. At others it feels like the most difficult thing you ever didn’t do!

When you’re up against what look like difficult choices, it’s good to know that not every choice is supposed to please everyone else. The choices we make may feel right to us and wrong to others.

Disappointing others is a painful part of the journey. But one thing’s for certain. We can’t choose to live fearlessly and please everyone else at the same time.

Listen to the whisper of intuition and allow yourself to be guided. You won’t go far wrong and if you need to take a new turn you can do so at any time.

Living Fearlessly is both simpler than we think and also more challenging that we can ever imagine.

It’s the Living Fearlessly paradox. Embarking on our living fearlessly journey requires only that we open up to life and to the truth of our own potential.

It can be both terrifying and exhilarating in the space of a few moments.

Once you begin living fearlessly your life will transform in ways you never thought possible.

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