You'll get instant access to the two foundation modules so you can begin achieving fearlessly immediately. The remaining 4 modules will be released over a period of 30 days.

It’s true what they say. Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear.  But the great news is you're already fully equipped to be fearless.  You just need to learn how the system works.

Hi I'm Rachel. At Living Fearlessly, I share a revolutionary understanding which effortlessly dissolves fear. We don't need to fight our fears, break through blocks or become battle hardened warriors to create what we want.  Fortunately it's far simpler than that.

In this new course I'll guide you through the 6 steps to tilt the odds in your favour of transforming any dream or goal into reality. We can't predict the future, but we CAN play a much bigger game when we're not so afraid.

You'll be able to use this same Living Fearlessly Method™ every time you want to set a new goal or achieve anything new in your business, career and/or personal life.

What would you do if fear wasn't an issue?


You may already know in your heart what you'd love to do. It could be a small project or a daring adventure. Either way, you find yourself worrying and procrastinating instead of taking action to create it.

Perhaps you have a long list of things you’d love to do but you’ve been second guessing yourself for years. Or, maybe it’s been so long since you allowed yourself to dream, you don't know what you want.

Perhaps Deep Down You Really Want To Make A Big Impact By:


Writing a book and getting it out into the world

Making more money in new and exciting ways

Creating and launching your online signature course

Starting or growing your coaching or consulting practice

Designing and launching your signature high-end programmes

Or you have what you think may be a great business idea

Or maybe you'd like to take your existing business in a new direction

Being VISIBLE by launching a Podcast, Blog, TED talk, Facebook Live Series or speaking in front of international audiences

Creating and filling your very first or next workshop

Being featured in the media as an expert voice on your topic

Having the courage to seek and find your soulmate

Moving countries or continents and starting a new life

Retraining and changing your career

It could be anything at all ... whatever your inspiration is calling you towards.  There's a voice guiding you and all you need to do is learn how the system works.


But you keep getting in your own way and not following through. It's so frustrating because you know you have more to contribute and do in the world.

You don't know why, but you have a feeling this could be a lot easier if only you could understand what's really stopping you!

The Living Fearlessly Method™ helps you to shift into inspired action so that what you want to achieve feels lighter and easier.

When you operate in a space of 'light and easy,' achieving what you want is just a detail. Contrary to popular belief there's no need to work on your 'limiting beliefs' or 'break through blocks' to have what you want.

It's so much simpler than that when you understand how it really works.  And it's not woo woo ... no chanting, meditating, manifesting or affirming is required!

Life really is too short and precious to spend it doing what you're not inspired to do.



It's Time For This To Change!

Everyone else’s dreams seem to come before yours. Your kids, your partner and paying the bills has become your only focus. How did that happen? You feel trapped in the life-sucking details of everyday struggle.

This is your invitation to dust off your dreams and big goals. It’s time to make your dreams a priority. If you’ve heard something in Living Fearlessly that's given you a flicker of hope, this new course is designed for you.

You see, I’ve been where you are now. For more than 30 years I tried to fight my fears and break through blocks to get what I wanted. I became an expert at controlling my circumstances so I could pretend I had it all together. Nobody knew how scared I was on the inside. There's an emotional and physical cost to feeling not good enough. Psychologists call it, 'Imposter Syndrome.'

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a new understanding of how fear really works that my anxiety dropped away forever. I no longer wake up dreading the day. I don't need to fight my fears and push through challenges to make things happen. It's a game changer.


"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." Helen Keller

Here's How It Works

You'll get access to all of the following:

  • Weekly video masterclass where I'll guide you through each step of my Living Fearessly Method™ To Achieve Anything You Want
  • Weekly assignment so you integrate your own insights and experience living fearlessly in action.
  • Weekly audios designed to show you how to be guided by your inspiration so you take inspired action to achieve your next big thing
  • Q&A session where you'll be able to get my coaching and support as you apply what you learn.
  • Recording of Q&A session in case you can't attend live.
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access To 2 Foundation Modules so you already have clarity on what you want to achieve when we begin the 30 days

The Fearless Shift

In my new book, Living Fearlessly, I share my story about how this unexpected shift occurred, and the impact it’s had on both my personal life and business. Truthfully, I didn’t imagine I’d ever be able to relax and not feel scared of the unknown most of the time.

This brand new course is designed to immerse you in the fearless understanding. In this space it's natural and effortless to create what we want without the fear, self-doubt and stress which usually stop us from achieving our full potential.

I’ll be your guide, walking you through this 6 step transformational method which I’ve identified in my own Living Fearlessly journey and that of my private clients. It's the simplest way to create and achieve anything we want without getting in our own way. Fearful thoughts, 'blocks' and 'resistance,' cease to be a problem when you understand how fear works.

Let your adventure begin.

Foundation Module 1: Dust Off Your Dreams

It’s time to dig out those dreams and goals and dust them off! Feeling inspired is the key to achieving what we want. In this module you’ll give yourself permission to dare to dream and think big again. Failure isn’t fatal and there’s always a path to follow your dreams.

Foundation Module 2: Discover Your Natural Motivation

Here you’ll get really clear on what it is you want to do - not what you think you SHOULD do. We all have access to natural motivation. Here I’ll show you how to tap into yours so that motivating yourself is never a problem again. Really!

Module 3: Effortless, Intuitive Planning

The problem with traditional planning is the minute we miss a goal, the plan no longer makes sense. We instantly lose faith in our ability. I'll share the simple process my clients and I use to create what we want without the usual struggle to 'make things happen.' Trying to use someone else's way doesn't work well for most of us. Here I'll guide you to find your 'right way.'

Module 4: Eliminating Fear And Self-Doubt

It’s all great at the beginning of a new idea, isn’t it? Perhaps you're very inspired until, bammmmm. The bubble bursts. Someone says something negative and you feel stupid. Your head fills with negative self-talk and you shelve your dream again. We'll look at what’s really going on so the fear and self-doubt is no longer relevant. And you won’t need to feel the fear and do it anyway because there's a much simpler way.

Module 5: Taking Inspired Action

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to take action when you’re clear about what you want? When your mind isn't full of fear and self-doubt, you have clarity about what to do. It's effortless when your actions are built on the foundation of the previous 4 steps.

Module 6: Living Fearlessly

You become rock solid. Your foundation is strong. Resilience and confidence are built into the human system. You’ll complete this course knowing you have everything you need to be successful and to create the life you want. Feeling confident in your own skin becomes the new normal. In this space you can live with all of the joy and love that is your default setting. Staying stuck and struggling becomes a thing of the past.


"Okay, Rachel, I think I’m opening up to the possibility that an awful lot more is possible
Part of my brain was saying, “Yes, of course i know that…” and in another part of my brain it was like a door opening and I felt a “wooomph…” and a deep sense of letting go."

Nick Pole
Nick Pole Author Of Words That Touch

"You helped me move into a place that’s not anxiety ridden as even though I help my clients with that it can be challenging to do for yourself. I now have the confidence that when I take the steps the next thing unfolds perfectly without anxiety, hard work, stress … and it just works!”

Naheed Oberfeld
Naheed Oberfeld Wealth Coach

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You'll get instant access to the two foundation modules so you can begin achieving fearlessly immediately. The remaining 4 modules will be released over a period of 30 days.