Survive And Thrive In The Crazy Cycle Of Life

January 4, 2018

How much we struggle and suffer as we spin, is a choice. Once we get a glimpse of how the cycle works, we give ourselves the space to thrive.

What I’ve discovered in conversations with clients, friends and colleagues is there is a cycle of life which we’re all in, whether we know it or not.

It may be a business, relationship or any other type of life cycle.

Each of us is caught up in a cycle where our focus is predominantly on trying to survive being bumped and bashed about as life attempts to teach us something new.

When talking or coaching about the cycle of life, I sometimes liken it to a washing machine. We’re happily chugging along in the soap suds, when suddenly we’re taken into a fast spin!

‘Ouch this is too fast,’ we think. ‘I don’t care for this. My head’s hurting and I feel bruised and aching all over. I’d like a more gentle cycle, please universe.’

The problem is, the cycle doesn’t operate according to what we would like. It’s a bummer, but seems true nonetheless.

It seems to me, the cycle operates according to our life’s lessons and what we need to experience and learn.

We are moved forward by the cycle, even when we resist and even when it hurts like hell.

We interfere with the natural speed of the cycle of life by pushing numerous buttons on the washing machine, simultaneously.

We try to go faster than life when we’re impatient. ‘Why doesn’t this damn cycle speed up a bit? This is too slow for me. I want what I want and I want it now.’

What we forget is there are other people and other factors in our life cycles. As we tamper with our cycle, we also tamper with other people’s, and other moving parts.

Things need to run their course. Patience really is a virtue and I’ll be the first to admit I don’t seem to have been gifted with much of this wonderful quality.

As we try to hack the cycle to slow it down or speed it up, we cause damage. We hurt ourselves and we hurt others because we are reacting to the momentary circumstances but can’t see the big picture of the cycle of life.

We are in the unknown and it can feel terrifying. Where is this cycle trying to take us? We don’t know, but we would really like to have more control over the rollercoaster!

And so we begin hammering on the washing machine door once again. ‘Let me out!’

We make it all so much more difficult and painful than it needs to be. We only need to slow down and allow the cycle to complete.

Doing nothing or slowing down seems to be one of the most challenging things for us. We’re like naughty little gremlins who want to get in there and make stuff happen.

What I’m beginning to see more and more clearly is that once the cycle pauses or completes, we emerge transformed.

We didn’t need to do anything other than permit the cycle to run its course.

How much we struggle and suffer as we spin, is a choice.  Once we get a glimpse of how the cycle works, we give ourselves the space to thrive.

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