A Living Fearlessly Coaching Programme with Rachel Henke

The Inspired Shift

Achieving Your Next Level The Fearless Way

Ready For Your Next Level? It Takes An Inspired Shift.

You already have everything you need to make the big shift. You were born fearless.

In this revolutionary, new coaching programme I'll show you how to plug yourself back into the mains. You are the power source of your inspiration.

You probably have no idea how the system works. I didn't until 3 years ago. That's when I made the inspired shift and began living fearlessly.

2018 can be your year to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible when you learn how to be guided by, to trust and to act on your own inspiration.

Once you understand how inspiration really works, you'll begin to effortlessly shift to your next level. It's an inspired way of living, creating and doing business. You'll wonder why everything seemed like such hard work before.

Inspired action will become your new modas operandi.  Pushing through, struggling and 'making it happen' will soon seem like a complete waste of time and effort.

And it is. There is a much easier, lighter way of achieving in business and life. And it's so much more fun and productive.

Who Is This For?

This programme is perfect for you if you have big personal dreams and/or business goals but you struggle to stay in flow to consistently achieve what you want.

You frequently feel stuck, fearful or overwhelmed by what you believe is required to reach your next level of success.

Or perhaps you judge yourself for being lazy and undisciplined even when you're taking lots of action. Many achievers suffer this cycle.

And then you find yourself spinning in indecision and beating yourself up for not following through.

Thoughts like, "what if I'm not good enough?" or 'what if I fail and look stupid?" may weigh on your mind. You know you have amazing gifts but you often doubt yourself and it stops you in your tracks.

The result is you lose your mojo and revert back to playing a small, safe game.

You figure, that way, you can't really lose and no one will judge you. (Except for YOU, and you're the harshest critic of all.)

You may even trick yourself into believing you're following your intuition. You sense that life shouldn't feel so hard which makes you confused about what's going on.

When you make the inspired shift you'll access the space of unlimited possibilities so this exhausting monologue ceases. You'll become unstoppable. Once you understand how the living fearlessly principles work, you'll naturally stop holding yourself back.

Are you tired of the constant pushing and striving and feel oh so ready for a new way of achieving success? If you'd like to hit your next level and make a big shift with ease and flow, this is for you.

The Inspired Shift Curriculum

Shift 1  Guided By Inspiration

I'll show you how to shift into recognising your inspiration so you can be guided. You'll never feel lost and unsupported again once you understand how to plug into your own inner guidance system on demand.

Shift 2 Trust Inspiration

Once you see how inspiration is always available to guide you, you need to learn to trust it in order to tap into your own infinite potential. This is how you shift to your unique next level.

Shift 3 Take Inspired Action

Learning to spot the difference between operating from 'I should,' instead of from inspired action, is the key to effortlessly achieving more because you're naturally motivated. This is the big shift that ends the struggle and opens up a whole new world of possibility.

What Can You Expect When You Make The Inspired Shift?

Well you can expect the unexpected! Your path is yours to discover and what's so exciting is what unfolds will be a unique expression of you.

This is where the magic happens.

Here are some of the inspired shifts my clients experience:

Become effortlessly productive (Work less, achieve more).

Enjoy life and don't feel stressed and worried about the future. (Fearless, confident and resilient in the face of the unknown).

A greater appreciation for life and a renewed sense of optimism (Happy and excited about their own potential).

Giving self permission to change direction or start afresh. (The self-critical monologue drops away).

All of my clients experience increased access to mental freedom and inspiration.

This may look like:

Writing a business book

Writing a novel

Creating a cool new business

Growing a coaching or consulting practice

Creating a signature coaching programme

Creating a signature course

Speaking in the media

Freedom from a toxic relationship

Finding your soul mate

Making a dramatic career change

Making money in new and exciting ways


The list is endless when you see the unlimited possibilities of living from your inspiration ...

You don't have to pick only one for your inspired shift. It might be that you want to achieve a specific goal in business and/or something personal.

This is all part of achieving your next level.


Inspired Shift Options

If you're ready to go ahead, secure the fast start, best deal by making your deposit.

We will then schedule your personalised enrollment call to discuss which is the best programme option and payment schedule for you. (There are pay in full or payment plan options.)

The plans are in £ sterling but will be converted to your currency automatically upon payment.

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If there's no time to suit you or you'd like to chat with me before enrolling, please send me a message by clicking HERE and I'll be in touch.

6 Month Programme

What You Get

  • 1 Inspired Shift Virtual Half-Day VIP Intensive (Begin The Shift Immediately - Usual Investment £997)
  • 10 x 45 Minute Private Coaching Calls (Get Coaching, Practical Guidance & Feedback On What You Want To Achieve)
  • Recordings Of Video Calls (If Desired)
  • Special Bonus: I'll Review Whatever You Want Me To And Give You Suggestions & Feedback. (£500)
  • Special Bonus: The Living Fearlessly Method™ - Access To Complete Online Course (£197)

Fast Start Pay In Full Best Deal: £3000 (£1000 Deposit + £2000)

Fast Start Payment Plan Best Deal: £1000 Deposit + £500 x 5 Payments)

1 Year Programme

What You Get

  • 1 Day Inspired Shift VIP Intensive Held In A Luxury Venue In Suffolk Or London (Accommodation, Dinner + Spa Included) Dates To Suit Your Schedule/Virtual Option Available If Preferred
  • 20 x 45 Minute Private Coaching Calls (Get Coaching, Practical Guidance & Feedback On What You Want To Achieve)
  • 1 Bespoke Virtual Half-Day VIP Intensive (FocusTo Be Agreed In Advance - Usual Investment £997)
  • Recordings Of Video Calls (If Desired)
  • Special Bonus: I'll Review Whatever You Want Me To And Give You Suggestions & Feedback. (£500)
  • Special Bonus: The Living Fearlessly Method™ - Access To Complete Course (£197)

Fast Start Pay In Full Best Deal: £6000 (£1000 Deposit + £5000)

Fast Start Payment Plan Best Deal: £1000 Deposit + £550 x 10 Payments)

Secures Your Fast Start Best Deal + 1 Hour Enrollment Call

YES! Give Me The Best Deal£1000 Deposit

Why Work With Me?

I have a lot to share as a result of operating multiple businesses during the past 15 years, writing 3 bestselling non-fiction books, launching many programmes in various niches, moving countries numerous times and successfully raising my two daughters to University age.

I'm also a certified Transformative "Supercoach."

More importantly than all of that is I'll teach you how to reliably access your own inspiration so you'll always know what to do. You'll stop being so afraid of making mistakes and you'll access more mental freedom to achieve what you want.


I chose to work with Rachel after really liking what I hear her saying. I have been running my business for 10 years now, really enjoying what I’m doing, but had this niggling feeling that I should be doing something more in order to move to the next level.

When I saw Rachel’s Fearless programme, and following my initial 1-1 call with her, I decided that now was the time to make a real investment in the next phase of my business / life.

’d always thought that “transformation” would feel like something huge and mind-blowing. This transformation hasn’t been like that. It’s felt smooth, calm and natural. My mind has shifted, but not in an explosive or difficult way – my thinking is changing and my view of how the world works – and how I can operate within it - is now very different. I'm making space to think and really take advantage of opportunities that are presenting themselves that I couldn't see before and I'm feeling so much more relaxed and happy.

What I most enjoy about the programme is that it feels easy and possible. There aren’t any rules or processes to follow. I have never felt wrong and I have never felt as if “I should have…” or “if only I had…”.

Every time I speak to Rachel it is an easy and relaxed conversation – at the end of which I realise what I have achieved and can achieve. One of my key insights has been “it’s OK to feel OK” which sounds so simple, but is SO profound for me.

Thank you Rachel – this programme is fantastic and it’s evolving all the time. What a great thing to be a part of!

Jackie Clifford
Jackie Clifford Director – Clarity Learning and Development