The Living Fearlessly Method™

Achieve Your Next Big Thing With Ease

Private VIP Intensive With Rachel

Who Is This Designed For?

This intensive is for you if you have a big dream, project or business idea that scares the pants off you.

You want to achieve a lot more in your personal life, career or business and you suspect you're getting in your own way.

One minute you feel inspired and the next, you're terrified.

Your fears may show up in the form of perfectionism, procrastination, self-doubt, 'imposter syndrome' (feeling not good enough) or even guilt.

These painful feelings often stop you from achieving what you want because the leap you need to take, looks too unsafe, in your current reality.

My clients are usually achievers and/or seekers, although it's very likely that you don't recognise your own achievements or give yourself much credit!

You may have spent many years 'working on yourself,' trying to fight your fears and break through blocks and you're tired of it.  Life feels like a struggle most of the time even when you're successful.

You sense that you're missing something but you can't quite put your finger on what it might be.

You're ready to learn how to play a bigger game with ease and flow.


Why Work With Me?

At Living Fearlessly I share a revolutionary understanding which effortlessly dissolves fear. You're already fully equipped to be unstoppably fearless.

As your transformation coach in this half-day, private VIP experience I'll guide you through how the system works so you become unstoppably fearless.

You'll emerge from the day with a clear vision of what you're naturally motivated to achieve. You'll never need to 'push through' or 'be motivated' again, once you get this. Together we'll create your Living Fearlessly Method™ personalised game plan. I'll also share my extensive business, marketing and life experience where appropriate.

As a result of operating multiple niche businesses during the past 15 years, writing 3 bestselling, non-fiction books, launching many coaching programmes, moving countries and raising a young family to University age, I have a lot of practical expertise which will be at your disposal.

More importantly than all of that is I'll teach you how to access your own 'wisdom well,' so you'll always know what to do, long after we've finished working together.

I'll coach and guide you through the living fearlessly steps to tilt the odds in your favour of turning your big dream or goal into reality. We can't predict the future, but we CAN play a much bigger game when we're not so afraid.

What Would You Give Yourself Permission To Go After If You Were Unstoppably Fearless?

Perhaps You Want To:

Write a book and get it out into the world in a big way

Launch or grow an entrepreneurial venture

Launch a coaching or consulting practice

Get more or better clients

Make more money in new and exciting ways

Design and launch a signature, high-end coaching programme

Create your signature online course

Do a TED talk!

Launch a website and blog

Launch a Podcast, Facebook Live Series, Workshop Or Speak on International Stages

Be highly visible and featured in the media as an expert on your topic

Have the courage to seek and find your soulmate

Move countries or even continents and start a new life

Retrain for a new career - which may seem a little crazy to you but you're inspired!

Or whatever it is that you have a feeling will be the gamechanger for you.

What I know is that life really is too short to spend it doing what you're not inspired to do.


Inspired Action

You don't know why, but you have a feeling this could be a lot easier if only you could understand what's really stopping you!

I can help you to shift into inspired action so that what you want to achieve feels light and easy.

When you operate in a space of 'light and easy,' achieving what you want is just a detail. Contrary to popular belief there's no need to work on your 'limiting beliefs' or 'break through blocks' to have what you want.

It's so much easier than that when you understand how it really works.



What You'll Get:

Half-Day VIP Intensive (1:1 Via Video)

In this unique transformational experience you'll be immersed in the fearless understanding as I guide you through my revolutionary Living Fearlessly Method™.


Recordings of our sessions so you can listen back, reflect and not miss anything.

Foundation Modules Of The Living Fearlessly Method™

You'll get access to "Dust Off Your Dreams" and "Discover Your Natural Motivation" so you come to the Intensive with a good idea of what you want to achieve. (This may change in our time together as you experience new insight.)

In the intensive I'll make sure you're moving forward to create whatever it is you want, on a solid foundation.

You'll get powerful coaching on Effortless Intuitive Planning, Eliminating Fear And Self-Doubt And Taking Inspired Action so you begin to live fearlessly to achieve what you want.

Bonus Access To The Living Fearlessly Method™ Complete Course (Next 30 Day Live Round Starts In January)

£197 usual investment

You'll be able to use this same Living Fearlessly Method™ every time you want to set a new goal or achieve anything new in your business, career and/or personal life. It will be like having me right there with you, guiding and coaching you, anytime you want.

Bonus Follow Up Private Coaching Call With Me (30 Minutes)

£200 usual investment

This call is to help you to integrate insights from our Intensive and for you to ask any questions that arise after our time together.

Tangible Results Of The Living Fearlessly Method™

Whilst every person has their own unique experience of Living Fearlessly, there are some universals that occur when immersed in this revolutionary understanding:

  • Trust Yourself More (The struggle drops away, opportunity unfolds and life and business are more fun).
  • Access Your Natural Motivation (You won't need to 'be motivated' ever again once you understand this!)
  • Experience Less Stress, Worry And Fear (It will never have the same grip on you again because you'll understand how fear works).
  • Be Effortlessly Productive (You'll take a lot more inspired action because you become unstoppable.
  • Achieve More Of What You REALLY Want (The 'shoulds' become a thing of the past and you dance to the beat of your own drum).
  • Be Visible (You become more confident, resilient and creative so don't feel like hiding away anymore)

"During my first session with Rachel I had a eureka moment! There was a sudden shift in my thoughts, perceptions and how I would deal with things, something I hadn't experienced before. Within a week of starting coaching with Rachel, my world had become more positive, I was engaging in work and being incredibly productive. I found myself feeling happier, at ease.

Over time i became a 'do-er' rather than a 'thinker' and became so much more productive. I found myself saying 'yes' to all kinds of things, something that i would have halted on in the past with the fear of 'what if i do it wrong' or 'what if i mess' up. I changed into being care free and just go with the flow, whatever happens, i will have tried. I developed a more settling feeling, a calmness in this new found freedom which wasn't crippled by doubt. I don't know what the future holds, whatever it will be, i will be part of it, in that moment.

Thank you!"

June University Professor

“Thank you for today's session. It really helped me to shift from my old way of thinking. Sometimes we sign up for a programme thinking about the surface things we'll get and not realising that there are so many hidden benefits!

After selling my previous business and beginning a new coaching career I felt like I was having an identity crisis and as a high achiever I've felt a lot of guilt and fear about not working as hard as I used to. Your deeper level coaching helps me to unblock and gain new insights about myself, money and freedom.

I've experienced some really powerful breakthroughs and value your intuitive way of working."

Heidi Von Hase
Heidi Von Hase Entrepreneur, Coach & Mentor To Creative Women In Business
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